Aims and Scope of JRAT

The Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society – JRAT is an interdisciplinary, international, online open-access journal with peer-review procedure. It was founded in 2015 to contribute with RaT's Research topics to international research.

The journal aims at investigating the contribution of religion to the cultural and political dynamics in present-day pluralistic society and, vice versa, at examining the influence of the processes of social transformation on religion. Such an approach involves the combination of different academic disciplines and opens an interdisciplinary research sphere for theologians of different religious and confessional traditions (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.), as well as for scientists in the field of Philosophy and Sociology of religion, Religious studies, Social science, Law, Jewish studies, Islamic studies, Indology etc.

The editors of JRAT are members of the board of the Research Centre RaT. The editors are supported by an international board composed of many renowned international scholars in the fields of study mentioned above. The outstanding international board supports the cooperation of scientists, supports the editorial team with its expertise and guarantees both a broad sphere of research and a corresponding dissemination of research results. The editors of JRAT identify currently relevant topics from the field of the research center and organize a workshop for which both members of RaT and invited guest scientists provide contributions. Based on this, a Call for Papers is created, which is communicated internationally on various channels. Either a member of the research centre or a guest researcher cooperating with RaT will be appointed as special editor.

Both the special editors and the individual authors are asked to publish a short article from the field of their article in the RaT-Blog when the issue is published in order to enhance dissemination.

JRAT is published semi-annually with 7-20 articles per issue (languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish). The spectrum ranges from smaller manuscripts to more extensive articles. The journal is published by BRILL, which ensures that the articles are indexed in all relevant databases and are freely accessible on the Internet (Open Access).

A print edition can be ordered via the publisher's homepage.

About JRAT

Print ISSN-Nr. of JRAT: 2365-3140

Online ISSN-Nr. of JRAT: 2364-2807

Funding: JRAT is fundet by the University of Vienna

Periodicity: JRAT is published semi-annually (July / December).

Preservation: All issues of JRAT are fully archived on the BRILL eLibrary

All issues of JRAT are Open Access publications and can be accessed without registration or fees

Contact Person: Ass.-Prof. DDr. Jakob Deibl (Chef Editor)  

International Scope

In the issues of JRAT that have so far been published around 160 authors from around 60 universities and institutions in Italy, Germany, Austria, United States, Spain, Netherlends, Belgium, Finland, France, Russia, Switzerland, UK, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey, Denmark, North Macedonia, and Sweden have published their texts.