The Research Centre Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society connects different fields and perspectives of the research on religion located at the University of Vienna and enables the answering of central societal questions across the boundaries of faculties and disciplines. The ever-growing importance of the topic of religion highlights the need for independent scientific expertise. The Research Center RaT provides a place for the broad expertise available at the University of Vienna on this topic, where cooperation in research on current religion topics and their impact on current social transformation processes is promoted both within the university and beyond. The center, which is unique in its composition, is geared towards the joint examination of longer-term questions on religion and society, but at the same time it also offers the possibility of flexibly addressing current issues and working on them in an interdisciplinary way. With its commitment to the historically established and broadly diversified research on religion at the Vienna location, the RaT research center promotes internally and externally one of the great strengths of the university. Networking in research, promotion of young scholars and participation in social debates are the three central concerns of the center. The center's activities are rounded off by the scientific, peer-reviewed publication series, the journal J-RaT and the book series Religion and Transformation.

The RaT blog is a tool to make research visible and accessible. The members as well as individual guests from around the center report here on their research and comment on current topics. All contributions are fully citable.