Series "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society"

The series "Religion and  Transformation in Contemporary European Society" is published since 2012 by Vandenhoek & Ruprecht university press (V&R unipress), edited by Kurt Appel, Christian Danz, Jakob Deibl, Rüdiger Lohlker, Richard Potz und Sieglinde Rosenberger (formerly also by Angelika Walser and Isabella Guanzini).

The Editorial Office is currently directed by Marlene Deibl.

The volumes of this series are peer-reviewed.

The editorial team of the print series suggests notable experts to the publisher for reviewing. In coordination with the publisher every volume is reviewed by one expert anonymously. Moreover, in anthologies every article is reviewed by the expert seperately.

The authors are subsequently informed about the admission or the rejection of their paper and, if necessary, are asked for changes according to the suggestions by the experts.

The book-series Studying Jihadism edited by Rüdiger Lohlker will be continued within the RaT-series starting with July 2018. The first two volumes of Studying Jihadism are entitled New Approaches to the Analysis of Jihadism: Online and Offline (volume 1) and Jihadism: Online Discourses and Representations (volume 2).  With RaT-Volume 14, World Wide Warriors, the series Studying Jihadism is continued.

The following books have already been published:

Volume 17

Cornelius Zehetner (Ed.): Menschenrechte und Metaphysik. Beiträge zu Francisco Suárez. Vienna University Press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2020.


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Volume 16

Daniel Kuran: Geschichte zwischen Mythos und Messianischem. Vienna University Press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2019.

In Walter Benjamin’s oeuvre history is grasped in a triangular relation to myth and messianism. The vulnerability of the dead is the key idea, which opens up a passage between myth and messianism and allows to think history in its humane dimension. Starting from Benjamin’s early essay Critique of Violence (Zur Kritik der Gewalt) and considering the enormous influence of the latter on current thought in Jacques Derrida, Giorgio Agamben, and Sigrid Weigel, Benjamin’s concept of history is being unfold in this book. The potential of a “weak messianism” (schwacher Messianismus), which points to the nucleus of Benjamin’s thought, lies in the fact that it allows for the recognition of the dead as subject of history as well as it provides a critique of sovereign power, images and society.

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Volume 15

Katharina Limacher (Hg.), Astrid Mattes (Hg.), Christoph Novak (Hg.), Prayer, Pop and Politics. Researching Religious Youth in Migration Society, Vienna University Press by V&R unipress, Göttingen 2019.

What is it like to be young and religious in migration society? This volume presents research at the intersection of religion, age and race. The chapters’ foci range from methodological challenges to conceptual work and empirical case studies. The authors present research on various religious traditions including contributions on young Alevis, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims, and apply an array of theoretical angles among them feminist, post- and de-colonial perspectives. Furthermore, the volume engages in the debate over novel conceptual frameworks attuned to investigate contemporary manifestations of youth religiosity, for example in digital spaces. The methodological chapters advocate for reflexivity in the context of empirical research on religion in migration society and promote a self-evaluative assessment of researchers’ positionalities.

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Volume 14

Rüdiger Lohlker (Ed.): World Wide Warriors. How Jihadis Operate Online. Vienna University Press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2019.

The contributions of this volume aim at a new, evidence based approach to Jihadism studies. What is the structure of Jihadi online communication and the dissemination of operational material online? Which errors were made by conventional Jihadism research? Which programs, apps, etc. use Jihadis to further their online communication? Next to these questions the contributors discuss the evident inability to understand basic mathematical principles in conventional Jihadism research and consider a very important video as a case study of Jihadi online communication, stressing the linguistic and theological shortcomings of conventional research. The volume is based on the understanding of theological elements as a vital part of Jihadi communication.

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Volume 13

Gunter Prüller-Jagenteufel, Sharon Bong, Rita Perintfalvi (Ed.): Towards Just Gender Relations. Rethinking the Role of Women in Church and Society. Vienna University Press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2019.

All over the world there is the move towards just gender relations – even if the odds seem to be less hopeful than a decade ago. This poses a special task for Christians and Churches in service of the marginalised who engage in the fight for justice. The articles collected in this volume provide insights from two intercultural theological conferences. The topic for the European-Asian dialogue focuses on “Gender and Ecclesiology”. The European dialogue between western and eastern Central European countries has a special aim for gender theories and their theological and political implications. The book presents contributions from different perspectives and shows how the Christian churches can contribute to gender justice.

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Volume 12

Hans Schelkshorn/Herman Westerink (Hg.): Reformation(en) und Moderne. Philosophisch-theologische Erkundungen. Vienna University Press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2017.

The contemporary historical research situates Luther’s Reformation in a much larger context of Christian reform movements that emerge in the late medieval and early modern period. Against this background the enlightened view of Luther as protagonist of the modern era is in need of revision. The variety of reform movements together with the Renaissance humanism compose a rich reservoir of spiritual reforms that will all influence the further development of the modern era. In this volume, this complex of the variety of Christian reforms relative to modernity is elaborated through exemplary studies from a philosophical-theological perspective.

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Volume 11

Pittl, Sebastian / Prüller-Jagenteufel, Gunter: Unterwegs zu einer neuen "Zivilisation geteilter Genügsamkeit". Perspektiven utopischen Denkens 25 Jahre nach dem Tod Ignacio Ellacurías. Vienna University Press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2016.


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Volume 10

Appel, Kurt /  Guanzini, Isabella (eds.): Europa mit oder ohne Religion? II. Der Beitrag der Religion zum gegenwärtigen und künftigen Europa. Vienna University Press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2016.


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Volume 9

Polak, Regina / Reiss, Wolfram (eds.): Religion im Wandel. Transformation religiöser Gemeinschaften in Europa durch Migration - Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven.Vienna university press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2014.


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Volume 8

Appel, Kurt / Guanzini, Isabella / Walser, Angelika (eds.): Europa mit oder ohne Religion? Der Beitrag der Religion zum gegenwärtigen und künftigen Europa. Vienna university press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2014.

The volume assembles papers previewsly presented at the international conference “Rethinking Europe with(out) Religion”, which the Research Platform “Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society” of the University of Vienna organized in February 2013, at the end of its three-year term. Scholars from the field of social sciences, law, sociology of religion, philosophy and of theology investigate the role that religious transformations play within the growing complexity of the global context. The volume focuses on the social weight of religion on the cultural and political dynamics in our present (post)secular society and, vice versa, analyzes the social and political changes that influence religions and theological self-reflections. The contributions examine the visions and perspectives the different religions can introduce in a pluralistic European Project, investigating the role of religions with regard to the advancement or the regression of democracy within an inclusive differentiated society.

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Volume 7

Schelkshorn, Hans / Wolfram, Friedrich / Langthaler, Rudolf (eds.): Religion in der globalen Moderne. Philosophische Erkundungen. Vienna university press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2014.

The current process of globalization holds enormous challenges for religious traditions all over the world. The intensification of global communication through the new information technologies enhances mutual questioning of religious doctrines. Migration movements and transcultural processes created also in Europe new multi-religious constellations. Thus in all regions of global modernity the societal cohesion is threatened by conflicts between fundamentalist religious movements and various secular groups with religious, agnostic or atheistic orientations. At this background the European philosophy of religion has to transcend the narrow horizons of the western modernity without abandoning its achievements. This diagnosis of the current world situation determines the main parts of this volume. The first section deals with systematic approaches for an intercultural reorientation of the European philosophy of religion. The following sections contain distinguished studies of European philosophies of religion from Neoplatonism to Nietzsche and approaches of the 20th century (Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Albert Camus, Michel Henry). The last section is devoted to detailed interreligious studies, concretely about the thought of Ibn Rushd ( Averroes), of the modern Hindu thinker Sri Aurobindo and the “atheistic” dimension of Buddhism.

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Volume 6

Langthaler, Rudolf / Meiller, Christopher / Appel, Kurt (eds.): Religion in der Moderne. Religionsphilosophische Beiträge zu einer aktuellen Debatte. Vienna university press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2013.


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Volume 5

Deibl, Jakob: Menschwerdung und Schwächung. Annäherung an ein Gespräch mit Gianni Vattimo. Vienna university press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2013.


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Volume 4

Westerink, Herman (eds.): Constructs of Meaning and Religious Transformation. Current Issue in the Psychology of Religion. Vienna university press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2013.

One of the major trends in the psychology of religion is the growing interest in religious and spiritual meaning making in relation to religious and spiritual transformation processes, notably as the aftermath of traumatic experiences and in situations of crisis, stress or disease when personal well-being is at stake and coping activities and skills are enhanced. This volume covers this broad and complex area of interrelated issues. The contributions focus on religious and spiritual meaning making and transformation. They do not compose an integrated perspective on religious meaning making and transformation processes. Rather, this volume assembles and presents the current state of research on this complex of issues. Thus it not only provides an excellent overview of the psychological study of constructs of meaning and religious transformation, but also contributes to our knowledge of contemporary religious life in the context of socio-cultural transformation processes (pluralisation, globalization).

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Volume 3

Rothgangel, Martin / Aslan, Ednan / Jäggle, Martin (eds.): Religion und Gemeinschaft. Die Frage der Integration aus christlicher und muslimischer Perspektive. Vienna university press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2013.


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Volume 2

Grohmann, Marianne / Ragcs, Ursula (eds.): Religion übersetzen. Übersetzung und Textrezeption als Transformationsphänomene von Religion. Vienna university press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2012.


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Volume 1

Appel, Kurt / Danz, Christian / Potz, Richard / Rosenberger, Sieglinde / Walser, Angelika (eds.): Religion in Europa heute. Sozialwissenschaftliche, rechtswissenschaftliche und hermeneutisch-religionsphilosophische Perspektiven. Vienna university press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2012.


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