Starting with April 1st 2018 the University of Vienna installed the interdisciplinary Research Centre

"Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society"

(in short: RaT) . Scientists from 7 faculties and 14 disciplines are united under the
umbrella of this Research Centre - including Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Islamic
theology, Jewish studies, Islam and Religious studies, social- and cultural studies, studies
of law, philosophy, and the department of education.

RaT researches the reciprocal relations between religion, religiousness and
transformation processes within the contemporary global context

The Research Centre RaT continues the work of the correspondent research platform
which was founded as a unit of the University of Vienna in the year 2010 (2010-2018). 


In this category, we present our most recent publications. Currently:

Rüdiger Lohlker (Hg.): World Wide Warriors. How Jihadis Operate Online. Vienna University Press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2019.

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 RaT Features

Gunter Prüller-Jagenteufel, Sharon Bong, Rita Perintfalvi (Ed.): Towards Just Gender Relations. Rethinking the Role of Women in Church and Society. Vienna University Press bei V&R unipress, Göttingen 2019.

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The new issue of J-RaT The Crisis of Representation (Special Editors: Kurt Appel / Carl Raschke) is accessible online!

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Upcoming Events

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Lectures and Seminars in Course of ERASMUS-Teaching-Mobility with Professor İhsan Çapcioğlu and Professor Selman Yilmaz, University of Ankara, organised by ED Wien, the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs and the Institute for Practical Theology, Faculty of Catholic Theology. Monday, June 7 2019, 15:00-17:00, Tuesday, June 18 2019 09:45-11:15, 15:00-17:00, 19:00-20:30, Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Vienna.

Guest lecture by Markus Markus Wirtz (Köln): Religiöse Diversität – Vom Pluralismus zur interkulturellen Religionsphilosophie. Friday, June 21 2019, 09:45 – 11:15 Uhr, Lecutre room 6, University of Vienna, Tiefparterre, Stiege 9, Hof 5, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna. Organised by Hans Schelkshorn.

Workshop "Applying Phenomenology of Religion", June 25.-26. 2019, Schenkenstraße 8-10, Room 3.

Workshop "The Shaping of Collective Identities - Emotion, Religion, and the Political", September 30.- October 1. 2019.

Workshop "Derrida on Religion and Violence", October 14.-15. 2019.

Lecture Series Philosophy of Religion Today: Topics, Problems, Perspectives (2019S), weekly 16:45-18:15 at  Hörsaal 3D, NIG Universitätsstraße 7. III/3. Floor, 1010 Vienna. Organized by Michael Staudigl und Esther Ramharter. Link u:find

Presentation of the recently published volume "Prayer, Pop and Politics. Researching Religious Youth in Migration Society", with Regina Polak, Areshpreet Wedech, Luna Al-Mousli and Georg Traska, organised by RaT. Tuesday, June 4 2019, 18:00. Sky Lounge, Oskar Morgenstern Platz 1, 1090 Wien.

Upcoming events organised by Forum Zeit und Glaube - Katholischer Akademiker/innenverband der Erzdiözese Wien.

Conference on the topic State Control of Islamic Theology and Law in the West. Organised by Ebrahim Afsah. September 23-24 2019.

International Conference: Interreligious Dialogue in Context - A European Comparison. Organised by Karsten Lehmann in cooperation with RaT. October 17-19 2019.

Workshop Vienna Circle and Religion, organised by Elisabeth Nemeth and Esther Ramharter (Institute for Vienna Circle, Vienna Circle Society, RaT). October 25 2019.

© Silke Lapina

© Silke Lapina

© Silke Lapina

Current Events: Religious Life in Vienna

In this category, we present selected events organised by and about different religious communities in Vienna. Take your time and gain insight into something new! 

Currently: The Organisation Religions for Equality is an association of people coming from different religions and standing up for the Equality of LGBTIQ*. On Saturday, June 15, Europride 2019 will take place, and members of Religions for Equality will participate.  You can find further information here:

Recent Publications

Kurt Appel: Tempo e Dio. Aperture contemporanee a partire da Hegel e Schelling. In der Biblioteca della Teologia Contemporanea bei Querinana.

Special Feature: Publication connected to our research interests