Reframing Space: Film as History (REFACE)

FWF Lise Meitner Project by Milja Radovic

Oath of the Vardar Regiment Soldiers (Djordje Bogdanovic, The Cvetkovic Brothers, Slavko Jovanovic, 1914). ©: Courtesy of the Yugoslav Cinematheque

Project no.: M 3301
Start: August 1, 2022
End: December 31, 2024
Funding amount: € 181.980 €


Funded by the FWF-Lise Meitner Programme Milja Radovic’s project Reframing Space: Film as History (REFACE) explores the relationship between film and history starting through the concept of frame. The aim of the REFACE project is to demonstrate how history can be read through film language. In order to understand how the frame succeeds in becoming spatial memory, the project focuses on the analysis of the documentary genre in the period 1896 – 1939, with particular emphasis on the analysis of ethnic and religious communities in the Yugoslav space.

The Principal Investigator (PI) of the REFACE project is Milja Radovic. The project is hosted by the Research Centre “Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society”, the Director of the RaT Prof. Kurt Appel is Co-Applicant of the project.

For more academic inquiries related to the project, do not hesitate to contact the PI Milja Radovic (