Univ.-Prof. MMMag. DDr. Kurt Appel

Speaker of the Research Centre RaT

 Academic position:

Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Department of Systematic Theology and Ethics at the Faculty of Catholic Theology


2002-05: Habilitation studies in Vienna and Milan
2002: Ph.D. (Dr. theol.) in Theology
2000: Ph.D. (Dr. phil.) in Philosophy
1999: Mag. in Philosophy
1998: Mag. in Theology and Religious Education
1988-98: Studies of Theology, Philosophy, History and German language and literature studies


since 1.10.2011: Professor of Fundamental Theology

2008: Vice-Decan of the Faculty of Catholic Theology in Vienna
2006: Vice curriculum director
2005: Assistent Professor of Fundamental Theology in Vienna
2005: Venia Legendi (Habilitation) in Fundamental Theology
2001-03: Lecturer in Fundamental Theology at the Faculty of Catholic Theology in St. Pölten

Other activities:

Since 2006: Member of the Advisory Board „ARGE Dogmatik und Fundamentaltheologie des deutschsprachigen Raums"
2006-07: Managing board of the doctorate programme „Concepts of God and their Ethical Implications"
2005-07: Managing board of the research cluster „Thesis" (Theology, Ethics and Scoial Sciences) of the Faculty of Catholic Theology in Vienna

Selective bibliography:


Apprezzare la morte. Cristianismo e nuovo umanesimo (PerConoscenza 5), Bologna: EDB 2015.

Zeit und Gott. Mythos und Logos der Zeit im Anschluss an Hegel und Schelling, Paderborn 2008.

Entsprechung im Wider-Spruch. Eine Auseinandersetzung mit dem Offenbarungsbegriff der politischen Theologie des jungen Hegel, Münster 2003.

Editorial activities:

with Jakob Deibl, Barmherzigkeit und zärtliche Liebe. Das theologische Programm von Papst Franziskus, Freiburg: Herder 2016. 

with Isabella Guanzini, Religious Fundamentalism (OA-Online Journal J-RaT 3), Göttingen: V&R 2016.

with Erwin Dirscherl, Das Testament der Zeit. Die Apokalyptik und ihre gegenwärtige Rezeption (Quaestiones disputatae), Freiburg: Herder 2016.

with Isabella Guanzini, Institutional responses to religious diversity (OA-Online Journal J-RaT 2), Göttingen: V&R 2016.

with Isabella Guanzini, Religion in a Postsecular World (OA-Online Journal J-RaT1), Göttingen: V&R 2015.

Preis der Sterblichkeit. Christentum und neuer Humanismus (QD 271), Freiburg: Herder 2015.


Il dio aperto, in: Annali di studi religiosi 15 (2014), 5-18. Peer-reviewed. (DOI:10.14598)

Die Gabe des Gastes, Paderborn 2009.

Rationaler Glaube - gläubige Rationalität. Die Universalität des christlichen Logos, in: Dialog - Du siach, christlich-jüdische Informationen 70, Wien 2008.

Fede razionale - razionalità credente. Tentativo di un incontro tra fede e ragione nel segno di un'ospitalità universale, Tunis 2008.

Research projects in connection with RaT:

Main theme:

Christianity as a project for a new humanism
Disclosure of the meaning of history in the hospitable textures of the DIVINE

Five questions:

  • APOCALYPSE or the question concerning the essence of time
  • HEGEL or the question of the concealed humane
  • GOD or the question concerning the ultimate question
  • EUROPE or the question concerning the hospitable reception of plurality
  • RESURRECTION or the question concerning the gift of mortality

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