Masterclass und Vorträge mit John S. Kloppenborg und Jens Schröter

27 February 2023 

Venue: Dekanat, Universitätsring 1 (Stiege 8, 2. Stock)

On Monday, February 27, two members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Vienna Doctoral School of Theology and Research on Religion VDTR - John S. Kloppenborg and Jens Schröter - visited the University of Vienna. Together with VDTR supervisors and doctoral students, they animated a master class and discussed research projects of doctoral students in the field of biblical studies related to the cluster "Transformations of Jewish and Christian Identities in the Past and Present" . The lively exchange was rounded off by two public lectures. John S. Kloppenborg's talk asked how ancient cities provided a hospitable space for the cult of Christ. Jens Schröter developed the thesis that Paul in the Letter to the Romans develops a general image of man that includes Jews and Gentiles alike.


John S. Kloppenborg: The Cult of Christus in Civic Space

Jens Schröter: Anthropology and a Letter: The Image of the Human Being in Paul’s Letter to the Romans and the Purpose of the Writing