Call for papers

Reactivation and Transformation of Ancient Religions in the Contemporary World

ed. by Samim Akgönül and Anne-Laure Zwilling

The resurgence of ancient religions – which is neither the creation of multiple new dogmatic trends nor a desire to return to the foundations – noticed since the end of the 20th century, can be observed today in all countries. In particular, the creation or revival of ancient traditions which are becoming religious expressions are now visible: Tengrism, neo-Shamanism, Khemitism, neo-Paganism, neo-Druidism and other reconstructions of traditional religions – their manifestations are numerous.

We welcome contributions focusing on the following topics:

  • Neoreligions and their relationship to the regimes in place
  • Neoreligions as political power or counter-power
  • Neoreligions and national identities (which includes transnational or regional affiliation)
  • Environment and ancient religions
  • Modern societies and the appeal of “new ancient” religions
  • Transformations from “ancient” to “neo”
  • Social and cultural reception of the neoreligions

Please find the entire Call for Abstracts here.