Religion and Transformation in Austria

Austria and especially its capital Vienna are bustling with religions. Yet, the religious field is still largely uncharted. To engage more deeply with this great religious diversity, scholars collaborating in this research cluster aim at exploring the religious panorama in Austria both historically and contemporarily. Particular focus is thereby placed on non-mainstream religiosity, that is, the religious traditions/lifeworld beyond German-speaking Roman Catholicism. The affiliated scholars employ a vast panoply of historical, social-scientific, and comparative methods, all aligned through the prism of Religious Studies. The research results are disseminated through the peer reviewed book series Religion in Austria, published annually (starting from 2020) by Praesens. 

Individuals and institutions contributing to this cluster

Research projects and publications in this cluster

  • Pokorny, Lukas K. 2023. "Exploring East Asian Religiosity in Austria: Current State, Desiderata, and Challenges." Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society (in print)
  • Pokorny, Lukas. 2021. "Japanese Buddhism in Austria." Journal of Religion in Japan (20pp./in press)
  • The Religious Studies book series "Religion in Austria", published so far in seven volumes (2012-2022) by Praesens Verlag. Volume 8 is due in 2023.