Reframing Space: Film and History. The past is never dead. It’s not even past*, a project by Milja Radovic and Daniel Domig

June 2024

An incarnational history is a history that resides not in the past but in the present / It is a history that must be experienced in order to be truly re-membered / A history that exists only as distant facts is not a story that can be woven into personal and political structures / Only the stories we allow to spill over into our everyday lives can bring forth a past that speaks truthfully to our future.

We are storied people / And so history must continuously be birthed into the spaces we share with others.

Public Event: 25th June, 2024, 12.00 AM 

Milja Radovic

Dr. Milja Radovic conducts specialized research in theology and film and her scientific work traverses theology of ascesis, visual arts, history, nationalism, conflict and peacebuilding.

Daniel Domig

Daniel Domig explores the conditions and complexities of human relationships through the mediums of painting, installation and experimental film.