Poetics Lectureship: "Religion im Zeitalter der Biomacht. Ein Kreuzweg" by Sophie Reyer

When: 1 June 2023, 19:00

Where: Hörsaal 3, Main Building of the University of Vienna

The abstract of the presentation will be available on the homepage of the poetics lectureship shortly.


Sophie Reyer, born 1984 in Vienna, lives together with her turtle in Baden. In 2010 she earned her "Master of Arts" in Composition/ Musical Theater as well as her diploma in "Scenic Writing" at uniT, after which she studied screenwriting in Cologne and earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Language Arts in Vienna. Today, her work revolves around philosophical themes: What can be artistically opposed to a society like today's, in which biopolitics is practiced, i.e. life processes are directed and bodily functions optimized? And what role does God play in this?