Identity without Faith? Agamben, Sovereignity and an Awareness of What is Missing

22. März 2019

On Friday March 22 a workshop on „Identity without Faith. Giorgio Agamben, Sovereignty and What is Missing“ took place at the RaT office. The workshop was organized by Martin Koci and Jason Alvis as part of their FWF grant “Revenge of the Sacred”and hosted by RaT.

Colby Dickinson (Loyola University, Chicago), an eminent scholar on Agamben and the question of postmodern theology and Marlene Deibl (University of Vienna) who is doing research on Agambens theological method for her PhD thesis, gave keynote talks. These talks were then met by a lively discussion that revolved around questions of the methodological place of heresy in philosophy and the possible political implications of contemporary fundamental theology. Responses to the talks and input for the discussion were delivered by Bogdana Koljevic Griffith from Belgrade, Jason Alvis, Natalie Eder from Vienna and Kimberly Berkey (Chicago).