East Asian Religiosities in the European Union. Globalisation, Migration, and Hybridity, edited by Lukas K. Pokorny, Ugo Dessì and Laurence Cox

This book explores how East Asian religiosities affect European Union (EU) countries, both through East Asian diaspora communities and through European conversion and exploration. East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam) and the EU are two of the planet's most dynamic regions economically, politically, and culturally. East Asian diasporas have a long history in Europe and  represent a growing part of the EU's population. Meanwhile, Europeans have long been attracted to and interested in East Asian religion and are increasingly converting or incorporating elements of East Asian religiosity into their own identities.

For the first time ever, this book presents the state of the art of research in this area, with chapters on a number of the EU's 27 countries and on themes such as migration, gender and sexuality, and orientalism/occidentalism. It covers East Asian Buddhism, East Asian Christianities, Daoism, Shinto, martial arts, and looser forms of spirituality.

Table of Content

Part I. Country-Related Chapters
  • Austria: Lukas K. Pokorny
  • Belgium: Laurence Cox
  • Bulgaria: Antoaneta Nikolova
  • Croatia: Dinka Marinović Jerolimov and Nikolina Hazdovac Bajić
  • Czech Republic: Dušan Lužný
  • Denmark: Jørn Borup
  • Estonia: Priit Rohtmets, Erki Lind, Märt Läänemets, and Mart Tšernjuk
  • Finland: Johannes Cairns and Maria Sharapan
  • Germany: Carsten Krause
  • Ireland: John Ó Laoidh
  • Italy: Ugo Dessì
  • Latvia: Anita Stasulane
  • Poland: Piotr Czarnecki
  • Portugal: Paulo Mendes Pinto and Sofia Sousa Slaro
  • Romania: Diana Yuksel
  • Slovakia: Petra Tlčimuková and Dušan Lužný
  • Slovenia: Nina Petek and Jana S. Rošker
  • Spain: Francisco Díez de Velasco 
  • Sweden: Per Faxneld, Katarina Plank and Johan Nilsson


Part II. Thematic Chapters

  • Eva Salerno, Religion and Migration: Perspectives on Field Research
  • Joseph Chadwin, “I Am Not a Buddhist!”: Examining Orientalism and Occidentalism in the European Union through a Case Study of Chinese Teenagers in Germany
  • Brenna Artinger, East Asian Religiosities and Sexuality in Europe
  • Per Faxneld, Crouching Secularity, Hidden Religion: Some Reflections on Studying East Asian Martial Arts in Europe
  • Francesca Fiaschetti and Lkhagvademchig Jadamba, Preliminary Remarks for the Study of Mongolian Religions in the European Union