Salvational Transformations: Millenarianism

Millenarianism is the belief in a salvational transformation commonly grounded in this world (and occasionally pertaining to an otherworldly realm), through which at least some of the faithful will experience well-being. This transformation is held to likely (substantially) solidify imminently, chiefly patterned by a transcendent blueprint that is either devised by a superhuman agent or naturally impregnated into the fabrics of time and space through an impersonal absolute. Scholars collaborating in this cluster address the subject from an interdisciplinary perspective and explore millenarian mindscapes in past and present. They focus on both catastrophic millenarian (apocalyptic) and progressive millenarian trajectories as well as its special cases (avertive, reductive, oscillatory). Particular focus is placed on the millenarian anatomy expressed by new religious movements and the Abrahamic traditions but also modes of apocalyptic thought in literature.

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