Research group "Religion, Diversity & Dialogue"

The Research group explores changing religious landscapes and perspectives for productive exchange with and among religious actors.

"Religion, Diversity & Dialogue" was founded in the fall of 2022 by Astrid Mattes after her appointment as tenure track professor as an interdisciplinary research group.

The aim of the research group is twofold: on the one hand, it analyses the changing religious landscapes in Austria and Europe. Here, we focus on empirical data collection and social scientific analysis. On the other hand, the members of the research group are interested in contributing to a productive exchange with and among religious groups. This includes political and theological assessments as well as facilitating various forms of dialogue through academic expertise.

In an increasingly diverse societies, both in terms of religion as well as other intersectional categories, academic expertise on religion should offer a critical assessment of religious groups as societal actors as well as balanced perspectives from within communities. "Religion, Diversity & Dialogue" therefore works on the provision of a solid empirical foundation for a nuanced understanding of religion in contemporary society and the subsequent active exchange with believers, religious leaders and institutions.

The members of this group work in different forms of collaborations, including third party funded projects (e.g. "YouBeOn"; "What does Austria believe in?") international publication projects (e.g. Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, Special Issue Social Compass) and with a special focus on third mission activities (e.g. W.I.R., ORF collaboration).