Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rudolf Langthaler

Academic position:

Univ.-Prof. at the Department of Christian Philosophy at the Faculty of Catholic Theology


1988: Habilitation in Philosophy
1972-83: Studies of Philosophy, Catholic Theology and of German Language and Literature in Vienna
1963-71: Grammar School in Amstetten


2004-06: Vice Study Programme director of the Faculty of Catholic Theology in Vienna
2002-04: Vice Dean of the Faculty of Catholic Theology in Vienna
Since 1999: Professor of Christian Philosophy at the University of Vienna
1991-99: Professor of Philosophy at the Catholic Private University Linz
1984-91: Lecturer at the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule St. Pölten
1980-84: Assistant at the Department of Fundamental Theology, Vienna

Other activities:

Since 2001: Advisor of the TV-programme of ORF about religion and philosophy Philosophicum "Kreuz und Quer"
Interviews for ORF Radio
Articles for the newspapers „Furche", „Standard", „Presse" etc.

Research in connection with RaT:

"Philosophical Theology" in modern philosophy
This project is dedicated to the Wirkungsgeschichte of philosophical Theology in modernity. Thereby the influence, which the idea of God of modern philosophers has on contemporary philosophy and theology, is especially analyzed. Are there experiences or claims of reason and rationality, which demand undeniably to pick up the question of God as a question of reason even in contemporary philosophy? How are religion and tradition justified in the present?

Selective bibliography:

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