Katharina Ivanyi, MPhil PhD

Current Position:

- Elise-Richter Fellow at the Institute of Orientalistik, University of Vienna

- FWF Project: “Hanafi law in Western, Central and South Asia, 12th-15th c.”

Short Biography:

2003: B.A. Oriental Studies (Arabic & Islamic Studies), University of Oxford.

2005: M.Phil. Oriental Studies (Modern Middle Eastern Studies), University of Oxford

2012: Ph.D. Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

2012-2013: Assistant Professor, History and Religious Studies, St. Michael’s College, VT

2013-2017: Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, Columbia University, New York

2017-2020: Civil service officer in the Austrian federal administration – Office for Immigration and Asylum

since March 2020: lecturer at the University of Vienna