Study day with Patrice Brodeur "Dialogues for Human Sustainability: An Inter-Worldview Approach based on multiple identities and power dynamics", June 25th, 2016

Patrice Brodeur is a professor of the Canada Research Chair on Islam, Pluralism and Globalization at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Montreal. One of the main areas of his work lies in the coordination and supervision of international, interethnic, intercultural and interreligious dialogue initiatives. Currently he aims at writing down his manifold experiences in this area in order to reflect on the fundamental conceptual prerequisites of such a dialogue as the theoretical groundwork for further projects. In this context, the necessity of understanding identity not as a rigid but as a dynamic and above all plural parameter whose different aspects can either be stressed or retreat into the background dependent on the context and situation. However, the fundamental aim of such conversations is not only to get to know the other and unfamiliar, but also to develop reciprocal respect and recognition with a view to peaceful coexistence. During the study day at Melk Abbey, Brodeur put the current status of his reflections up for discussion. This was interesting not least because more than ten nations were represented among the roughly 25 participants.

The study day was hosted by the research platform RaT and the department of Fundamental Theology of the Faculty of Catholic Theology.