Dialogue among Civilizations, November 17th, 2016

At the first Speakers’ Corner at the Bühne im Hof in St. Pölten the former Journalist of the journal "Profil", Emil Bobi, asked his interview partners controversial questions about the current issue of Islamic terrorism: Inhowfar is it a question of Islam as religion? How dangerous may recruitments of warriors by terristic organisations like ISIS be for Austria and Germany? What is the difference in the notion of evil in Christian and Islamic Theology? And who primarily has to fear the return of the prophet, priests or imams?

Participants in the discussion were:

Alaya Allani (Manouba University, Tunis)
Pater Jakob Deibl (Benedictine Abbey of Melk & Research platform RaT)
Josef Cap (Parliamentarien, Vienna)
Emil Bobi (Journalist & author, Vienna)