Contemporary Religious Movements in Austria in the Context of Migration and Modernity

The research in religious studies and practical theology on contemporary religious cultures in Austria as well as the historical review of religious life and religious collectivization in modern times form the focal point of the core research area as research desiderata. The attention is thereby directed onto the role of religion in the context of migration and questions around the cohabitation in culturally and religiously pluralistic societies. The entanglement of diachronistic and synchronistic research perspectives as well as the development of perspectives changing the praxis form a further specification. The research focus bundles and expands faculty and university expertise through the cooperation with external networks and aims at making RaT visible as a leading centre of excellence in the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research of this socially and politically highly relevant field, as well as communicating its research results in a way that is favourable to public and medial connectivity.

Research projects in this cluster: