International Congress "Religious Fundamentalism" Nov, 4-6, 2015


The congress included the following thematic areas and sections:

1. Conditions of Fundamentalism and theoretical clarifications (theoretical and empirical questions)

2. Religiously motivated fundamentalist positions (fundamentalism within different religious traditions)

3. Round Table / Panel discussion: Islamist Radicalization of youth in Europe: Scientific analysis and political approaches

4. Fundamentalism as a challenge for Education (the capacity for plurality and pluralism in religious education)

5. Religious Foundations against Religious Fundamentalism (How do religions argue against fundamentalism within their normative parameters?)

The challenge posed by this conference was to ask what resources can already be found within various religions in order to argue against the new tendency towards fundamentalism. The task was to investigate various fundamentalist positions and outline possible civic responses to it that include religious self-understanding and expressions of faith in the public square.

The round table was aimed at a broader public audience and was attended by members of the Austrian press.

Opening lecture, 4.11.2016
Section 1 + 2, 5.11.2015
Panel discussion, 5.11.2016
Section 4 + 5, 6.11.2016

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