Research project: "Religion in Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion"

This thematic cluster studied questions arising from the role of religious affiliations in processes of inclusion and exclusion of social groups. The interplay between religious and ethnic identities constituted one of the main focuses. Furthermore, the thematic cluster investigated the role of religion in migration, integration and gender politics. Some of the research projects addressed, among others, the following subjects: comparative analyses between religious and ethnic self-definitions in Bosnian, Russian-Jewish and West African Diaspora-communities in Vienna; the relevance of the concept of religious citizenship for the participation of minority religions in political processes; intersectionality of gender, ethnicity, and religion in the context of contemporary socio-economic transformations; differences between generations in Islamic and Russian-Jewish communities in Austria.

An important subarea dedicated itself to the subject “Difference and Transgression of Borders” which examined those social processes, in which religious ideas and practices function as a resource for intercultural community life and interreligious dialogue. Potential religious ethics contributing to the sublation of existing structures of inclusion and exclusion are of vital importance here. Specific projects involved intercultural meetings in Viennese schools and Church communities; the position of Muslims in public institutions in Austria; the meaning of religious representations for societal participation of disadvantaged groups and migrants; the ethics of hospitality in relation to the monotheistic conceptions of God.


Projects in this cluster were:


Thematic volume of the series "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society":

  • Volume 3: Rothgangel, Martin / Aslan, Ednan / Jäggle, Martin (ed.): Religion und Gemeinschaft. Die Frage der Integration aus christlicher und muslimischer Perspektive. V&R unipress, Göttingen 2013. Details
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