Research project: "Juridical Challenges in Multi-Religious Societies in Europe"

The current situation of society is characterized by a high degree of mobility that is even more increased in the context of European integration. Isolated nations that form a religious and cultural unity have become a rarity – in Europe many different religions intersect in a relatively confined area. In this situation churches and religious communities are challenged to deal with juridical questions. This cluster researched the mutual juridical relations between religions and/or religious confessions (for example the new developments in the religious laws of collision, in family law, freedom of missionary practice in an open multi-religious society). It investigates the relations between religions and religious confessions on the one hand and secular systems of laws on the other (for example the problem caused by laws of blasphemy and the question of sanctioning vilification of religion versus the right of freedom of expression and artistic freedom, the European constitutional crisis and current debates on values; religion and legal position of woman in society; the issue of “cultural defence” and discussions on so called “cultural crimes” in jurisprudence; possibilities and limitations of religion-bound jurisdiction in a constitutional state).


Research projects in this cluster were: