Critique of Religion and the Conceptions of God

This thematic cluster studied the concept of religion, the questions and problems in respect to religious pluralism from the perspective of the philosophy of religion in connection with social and cultural sciences. The conceptions of God in which individual and social identity structures are condensed and in which a potential for conflict and mutual exclusion is expressed were questioned from the perspective of the critique and foundation of religion. The cluster investigated whether the idea of God is not fundamentally a critical corrective of all – secular and religious – symbolisations of functional identity structures and how the idea of God is related to the exhortation of accepting the other in his/her otherness.


Research projects in this cluster were:

  • Edition der "Theologischen Jugendschriften" F.W.J. Schellings (Christian Danz)
  • Friedrich Hölderlin und seine Rezeption (Jakob Deibl)
  • Natürliche Vernunft und Offenbarungstheologie bei Meister Eckhart (Martina Roesner)  


Thematic volume of the series "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society":

  • Volume 6: Langthaler, Rudolf / Meiller, Christopher / Appel, Kurt (ed.): Religion in der Moderne. Religionsphilosophische Beiträge zu einer aktuellen Debatte. V&R unipress, Göttingen 2013. Details