God's Double Mission - Jesus and the Quran

In cooperation with the Centre for Islamic Theology at the University of Münster, the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Graz and the Research Centre Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society, Mouhanad Khorchide and Dina El Omari (Münster), Isabella Guanzini (Graz), Kurt Appel and Jakob Deibl (Vienna) explore the issue of revelation and mission in Christian and Muslim theology. If one looks at Christianity and Islam from a historical-theological perspective as interrelated variables, questions of great theological relevance arise that have not or not sufficiently been considered to date: 1) What is the significance of the Quran in terms of salvation history from a Christian perspective? What does it mean to regard the Quran as God's revelation from a Christian perspective? What theological implications does this entail? 2) From a Muslim perspective, how is it possible to approach an authentic meaning of the biblical scriptures beyond the interpretation of the falsification of scripture (tahrif)? How can God's revelation/mission in Jesus be understood from a Muslim perspective?

In addition to basic reflections on the topic, the focus is on a hermeneutical-theological approach to central biblical texts from a Muslim perspective and to selected Islamic texts from a Christian perspective, which will be pursued through joint discussion.