Research activity of former periods

In respect to the methodology, the interdisciplinary character of the research platform is expressed in the application of both empirical and hermeneutical approaches. Therefore the members of the platform are not only aimed at the investigation of the factual societal transformations, but also at the hermeneutic of the basic texts of the diverse religious traditions. The latter is considered in so far as hermeneutics is of importance to the self-understanding of religions and functions as a catalyst for conflicts and societal processes of inclusion and exclusion.

The central theme and project during the second term of the platform was "Rethinking Europe with(out) Religion". The issue of religion's contribution to a possible new vision of Europe was the common thread and theme that ran through the platform's work.


The research activity of the members of the platform was furtherly structured in the 4 thematic areas ("clusters"):

  1. Critique of Religion and Conceptions of God
  2. Religion within Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion
  3. Juridical Challenges in Multi-religious Societies in Europe
  4. Constructs of Meaning and Reception of Religious Texts


Recently, also the following Project could be concluded:

  1. Contemporary religious movements in Austria in the context of migration and modernity